Monday, May 9, 2011

IRCC shirt continues

After spending countless hours searching through books and websites I am certain I have viewed over 4,000 paintings and sketches. Most were either not appropriate to the period I was looking for or were not from the right geographic region. After absorbing all of the images I care to (for now) I've come up with a final design for my IRCC outfit. There are a lot of components and I still hope to hand sew as many of the items as possible. The overall theme of the outfit is not one of my favorite colors, but it is something new for me. I will be making the doublet of brown silk with hand embroidered gold trim. I chose to use a dark brown for a couple reasons. I haven't done anything in brown before and I found some lovely silk and wool very cheap at a local fabric store. The over gown will be made of similarly colored brown wool and trimmed with fur. The shirt which I started last week is making good progress and is more than half way complete. All of the edge work is done and the sleeves have been assembled (without cuffs). I have to do the black working on the cuffs and collar before continuing assembly. I am hoping to begin assembly within a week or so. The pattern I have selected for the black work is not quite as elaborate as I might have liked, but I am really trying to schedule the remaining work so that I can get as much done as possible. After the competition ends I may disassemble and add more blackwork later. The pattern for the blackwork and the embroidery on the doublet are basically the same and come from a portrait by Moretto da Brescia. The portrait is of Count Sciarra Martinengo Cesaresco. (

I copied the pattern of the embroidery from the Count's doublet and scaled it down a bit to fit on about a 3/4 inch cuff.  Here is a sample renderings of the designs I'll be using.