Monday, May 23, 2011

IRCC Shirt progresses

The work on the IRCC shirt progresses slow and steady as I expected. All of the edges have been rolled and bound and the construction of the shirt has started. I still haven't started the blackwork detail of the cuffs and collars. I keep putting that off as long as possible. Here are some photos which show the detail of the joinery.

Top of shoulder seam and neck gore.

In the following two images you can see both sides of the same section of the seam.  This type of seam not only looks interesting, it looks good from both the inside and the outside.  Can you tell which is the inside of the shirt and which is the outside?

Outside view of seam.

Inside view of seam

One other thing I like about this type of seam is the way the sleeve looks when it is joined to the body.  The following picture is a close-up of the underam section of the sleeve.