Monday, May 23, 2011

IRCC Paternoster

Article of clothing which was constructed as part of the IRCC challenge.  This is a portion of an overall outfit I hope to enter into a Pentathlon in the future year(s).    The overall garment is intended to be worn by an Italian gentleman who living between 1520 and 1540.  A single strand paternoster not made in loop.  This style was used by men while the looped version was used by both men and women.  This paternoster has 100 black glass beads and 10 larger black & yellow beads which were purchased from Walmart.  There are two slightly larger yellow beads on each end which I found on a neclace at Salvation Army.  The beads are strung with a heavy weight black linen thread which was waxed with bees wax.  The tassle at the end was made from black cotton line with a loop which I fashioned from a piece of brass rod.