Monday, May 23, 2011

IRCC - Blackworking for shirt is complete

The IRCC shirt is almost complete.  I have finished the blackworking for both the cuffs and for the collar.  I did all of the blackwork using backstitching as it would have been done in Italy during the mid 16th century.  Here are some photos of the black work. 

IRCC Shirt Blackwork for collar

IRCC Shirt Blackwork for cuffs
I did all of the blackworking on a hoop and then cut the pieces to the proper size when complete.  I have since assembled one cuff completely, but have not yet photographed it.  I hope to have the entire shirt completed in the next couple days.  One remaining detail I haven't decided on though, is the closures for the neck.  I plan on using a braded line, but haven't decided if I will use solid white (as I did for the cuffs) or a combination of black and white as I have seen on some portraits.  We'll have to see what sort of mood I'm in in the next couple days when I braid it.