Sunday, June 5, 2011

IRCC - Hand sewn underwear

IRCC - Hand sewn underwear (Persona, Breadth and Depth)
Article of clothing which was constructed as part of the IRCC challenge. This is a portion of an overall outfit I hope to enter into a Pentathlon in the future year(s). The overall garment is intended to be worn by an Italian gentleman who living between 1520 and 1540. This pair of underwear has about 8 hours of hand sewing so far and is almost done. I have created these without a pattern. I based the design on a pair of extant men’s underwear from the mid-16th century. As far as I could tell from the photo, it was a lined pair of underwear. There are reinforced holes used to add lacing for the hose. I will hand stitch the hose later and finish the rest of the holes. This item was made from a light weight linen lining and a slightly heavier, linen outer layer. The linen I used for the outer layer is a very soft loose weave. It is very comfortable. I drafted the patter out of a piece of curtain I bought from Salvation Army. I pinned the mockup together and when I liked the pattern I hand stitched the lining and the outer layers together. I’ve included a few photos of close-ups of the reinforced lacing holes. Even though these are a simple pair of underwear which nobody will ever see worn, I am rather happy with the way they turned out. All of the hand stitching is about 1/16th of an inch or less.

Here is a photo of the extant garment which I copied.

Here is a copy of my garment in progress.

Here are the laces which I created by slicing up a leather belt which I purchased from a local thrift store.  I cut the belt up with scissors, but found them a bit uneven and therefore had to do a lot of hand trimming with a small knife.