Thursday, June 9, 2011

IRCC - Source of fur and leather for Overgown

This is some raw materials which I purchased for uses as part of an article of clothing to be constructed as part of the IRCC challenge. This will be used as part of an overall outfit I hope to enter into a Pentathlon in the future year(s). The overall garment is intended to be worn by an Italian gentleman who living between 1520 and 1540. This is one of four coats which I’ve purchased from a local thrift store. I’ve already disassembled the rest of the coats. I only recently found this coat for $10 so I thought I’d photo it as part of documenting the overall progress of the construction. The summer seems to be a great time to find fur coats and leather coats at Salvation Army. Many people must purge their winter closets. Nobody wants to buy coats during the summer so they get marked down quickly. Most of the coats I’ve purchased were about $10 or less. One had some significant damage and is not wearable. As I intended to cut the whole thing up anyway, I thought that $4 was a good investment for what turned out to be about 18 square feet of fur!

This coat is in really good shape and it may seem to be a shame to chop it, but it is far cheaper than buying new fur for projects. This coat (and a few of the others) were very soft, clean and unmarred black leather. It is lined in what appears to be black rabit fur.