Thursday, June 9, 2011

IRCC - Paternoster Pouch

This article of clothing was constructed as part of the IRCC challenge. This is a portion of an overall outfit I hope to enter into a Pentathlon in the future year(s). The overall garment is intended to be worn by an Italian gentleman who living between 1520 and 1540. This is a leather pouch styled to match a single strand paternoster I recently made. This leather pouch has leather draw string and two tassels on the corners. The tassels are smaller versions which are designed to match the one I made for the prayer beads. The leather was originally part of a sleeve from a coat I purchased from Salvation Army. The pouch was hand stitched together using waxed linen thread.

Tassels with twisted gold wire
The tassels were joined to the pouch using the same cotton string which was finger loop braided.

Tassels attached to pouch

Source of leather: Leather Coat Sleeve

Here is the finished pouch all laced up.