Friday, June 10, 2011

IRCC Black worked shirt nearing completion

My least favorite part of assembling a shirt is the collar. Not sure why. I’ve got close to 60 hours in on this shirt so fart and I have probably only a couple left and yet I just didn’t want to do the collar. Well I gave in and finally added the collar. I ran two gathering stitches along the ruffle to fit it into the collar. I decided on the closures I would use as well. I made three different types of braided cords before I decided which I would use. I opted for the ones you see in the photo. I braided two black lines with two white lines to give a rather nice effect which matches well with the rest of the black work.

Here part of a portrait which shoes the effect I was going for. Some period shirts had a single line as the closure while others from that period had two. This is the first shirt I’ve done with this sort of pair of braided closures and I’m quite happy with the look.

Here is the gathered ruffle and the section of blackwork prior to assembly.

Here is the gathered ruffle assembled to the front and back of the collar.  The braided closures are 12 inches long each with a 1/2 allowance for attaching to the collar.

Here is the assembled collar prior to attaching to the shirt.

Voilà! Here is the completed collar attached to the shirt.  Now I have only one cuff left to do and this project will be wrapped up.