Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Designing a Computer Font - Tyndale Book of Matthew

Well my first attempt at font creation is complete!  
I tried three shareware programs which were free to use before deciding to use a "real" software.  I purchased the software package FontCreator 7.5 after using the trial version for about a week.  All the things I hated about the free packages were much improved by FontCreator.  If you are interested in trying to create your own fonts I recommend downloading the trial version.  It is very easy to learn to use.  There is minimal help menus but the program functions much like other CAD type programs I've used so it was 

It took quite a bit longer than I anticipated but so far I do like the results.  I still have a bit of work to do before the font is completely usable.  I have to adjust the kerning.  Kerning is the adjustment of the spacing between letters in a piece of text to be printed.  There are also a number of issues with the size of some of the letters.  The tale of the (q, p, y, g) are all cut off.  I have to try and adjust some things as I learn to use the program.

So far here is an image of what the capital letters look like.  They were based on the text found in the book "Breviarium Romanum".  See post (New Calligraphy Project) for further details on the reason for this project.

Here is what the lower case letters will look like. After rendering the letters all together I find that there are some letters I want to rework.  The letter "p" looks too full and round and the letters "m" and "n" look like they were written with a wider pen.  They look a lot fuller and bolder than the rest.  

Overall this is what a single sentence might look like.  You can see that the shape and size of some letters need to be tweaked.  There is a lot more to creating a new font than I had anticipated.