Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pewter Casting Heraldic Token Completed

This is where I left off working on my heraldic token mold.  I cleaned up the edges and defined the quarters a little better.  Once this was cast and the result was satisfactory I moved on to the three doves. 

I started by using a felt tipped pen to mark the location of the head and body of the three doves.

I then used a small hand drill to drill a very shallow indentation for each body and each head.

To test the depth and appearance of the image I took a small piece of clay and pressed it into the mold.  This was a process I used over and over at this point to test the final image without having to use molten pewter.

I continued to tweet the body and head and once satisfied I used a small needle to make the scratch which would become the beak and the feet.

The finished mold.  Ready for casting.

Time to put the metal in the pot.


I found it very difficult to even get a piece filled in as much as th ed following image.  This was cast when the mold was already too hot to touch.  I could not get a decent flow even after 40 attempts.   Time to give up and make the piece thicker.

Here are the four major stages thus far. 

I cut a sprue on both stones.  When the cast piece was set on the back stone I could trace around it to mark the location of the area that would need to be cut deeper.


Traced and scored with a sharp dental tool.

Working with some dental tools and small carving chisels I removed some material to thicken the piece by about the thickness of a few sheets of paper. 

Test fitting to ensure I cut enough.

 A final test.  A success!  After only about 8 pours I was getting good flow and decent results.  I will probably clean up the details on the birds but they will work for now.   I made a dozen for the up coming A&S fair.  Now I can let these rest for now.  Eventually I'd like to put my name on the back, but these will work for a first pass.