Friday, March 16, 2012

Wool Hood finished

This is yet another garment to be worn as part of the Stone Dog Baronial Green and Blue Fashion Show.
It is a hand stitched wool hood lined with linen. Entirely hand stitched using linen thread waxed with bees wax. The outer portion of the garment was constructed half blue and half green using dyed wool. The lining was constructed of yellowish linen which was also "dyed" by boiling the material in some stale juice and wine.  For further details on the dying see prior posts.  I found some old (very old in fact) wine in the refrigerator.  I tasted it and it was horrible.  I took that wine and some very old juice and thought I'd do a little experiment.  I boiled a bit of linen in a pot for about 45 minutes and what I ended up with is a very nice orange/yellow tint.