Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blue and Green hose in progress

I’ve been side tracked for a short while, but I am in the process of gripping my focus.  The Blue and Green fashion show is in slightly over two weeks.  Here is some of the progress I’ve made on the hose.  I’ve not drafted and hand sewn tights before.  I’ve made some bias cut linen hose in the past, but I usually make them loose and then simply keep running seams closer and closer with the sewing machine until they fit well enough.  Since I’m hand sewing these hose I only want to make the seam once.  I’ve drafted a pattern based on some loose measurements and then held the bias cut wool up to my legs.  I found this portion of the project to be particularly challenging.  You see, to get a proper fit the hose must be pinned in place, ideally while standing up straight.  As I am working on this project by myself I found the pinning challenging if not painful.  You see, while I was able to get the hose pinned properly after only stabbing the backs of my legs about 20 times, I found that taking the hose off multiple times with all those pins in them more difficult.  I wanted the hose to be as tight as possible so I kept adjusting the pins and trying to take them off to ensure that my heal would fit through the tight portion.  It helped to have all the pins pointing upwards, but I still stuck myself dozens and dozens of times.

In this photo the blue leg was already stitched and used as template for the green hose.  I pinned that one up and started the leg sticking process all over again.

I still have to sew the feet on, but so far I’m pretty happy with the way the hose look.  I like them both pulled up and rolled down.  In the following photos I am wearing the blue one turned inside out.  I was testing the seam and forgot to turn it right side out.