Friday, March 2, 2012

Garters done

Last night I finished a set of wool garters.  Nothing special really.  I dyed some wool for the hosen and the hood I am making. I cut off about a 3/4 inch edge of the selvage of the wool and used that for garters. I backed the wool with the selvage edge of the linen which I also dyed the same color. I used a simple blanket stitch to join the two layers together using heavy white linen thread. I chose not to add any buckles on this set of garters as was recommended to me by a Laurel friend of mine.  A person of my station would not have the money to purchase such extravagancies as the metal used for buckles.  They look adequate enough and the linen blanket stitch actually works well to hold them on very tight.  The two selvages stitched together results in a very strong strap with no stretch at all.