Sunday, December 29, 2013

Calipers Continued

On an earlier post (Bronze Sand Casting) I started construction of a set of calipers.  It has since been an on-again-off-again project.  It stays in my bag in the event I have a project night to go to and I don't know what project to bring.  

In this stage of the projects evolution I simply cleaned up the cast pieces, smoothed out some edges and began the joinery.  

I drilled a hole in each piece slightly smaller than the brass rod I intended to use as a rivet.  I like to drill small and file to size.  I was afraid of drilling to the needed size only to find that the drill drifted and the piece would be off balance.

I kept filing and fitting until the two piece aligned correctly and would move easily on the intended rivet.

I cut the rod to length to use as a rivet and filed both ends smooth. 


To work as a washer between the moving pieces I used a piece of deer skin parchment.  I cut a small piece and cut the hole to snugly fit on the rivet.  This washer will allow for better mobility of the pieces once peened together.



I really hate peening rivets.  It always makes me nervous.  I slowly worked around the edge of the rivet trying not to make the joint too snug, but at the same time I wanted it snug enough that it would hold it's position when in use as a measuring device.


That's it for now.  You can see that I have left the finish a little rough.  This piece was not intended to be a piece of artwork.  It is intended to be a tool with practical uses in the hands of a craftsman.  Like many period pieces it will remain unfinished and unpolished.  I do intend to mount steel points to the end rather than simply sharpening the bronze ends.  That will come later...


I eventually took a small bit of tool steel and fashioned a tip which would be more durable than the bronze divider.  I created a lap joint and riveted the steel tips on.