Sunday, December 29, 2013

Feather Border German Scroll

I was asked to make a Baronial award scroll for a person who had a German persona.  This entry has little in the way of period documentation.  This scroll was completed using no period resources. I wanted to create a scroll that looked "German" but was of an original design.  What could be more German than lots and lots of colorful feathers?  I had a vision in my head of a ton of fluffy feathers in the heraldic colors of the recipient.

This was my first proof of concept attempt.  I sketched the feathers outline with a mechanical pencil and then inked it with a metal nibbed quill pen.

I liked the look of the sample and proceeded to sketch the border.

I started by inking the quill and the barbs.

After the barbs were all inked in I went back and added the downy fluff around each feather.

I was very happy with the look of the feathers at this point that I took probably too many pictures.  I actually like the look of the black and white feathers.  The pigment added detracts from the look, for me.




Once I was happy with the feathers I began the calligraphy.  Normally I would do the calligraphy first, but I didn't want to waste my time if the I didn't like the "feather idea".


Time for some colors.

And then a bit of high lights.

And then... the completed feather border.  From a distance it looks more like colored Cheeze Curls.  I still like the idea, but just not entirely happy with the execution.  Too bad I finished it the night before it was do.