Friday, November 9, 2012

Award of Arms scroll for Michka of Blackhawk

Recent scribble assignment.  I was given an AoA to create and here is a very limited documentation of what and how I did it.

As with all my scrolls, the design in a free hand sketch using a mechanical pencil.  I chose Pergamenata as the material to make the scroll from.  I had little information about the recipient other than the fact that the person was currently the exchequer for the shire of Blackhawk and so I chose to add the badge to the top of the scroll.  Little else was known about persona or interests so I chose to make a "generic" middle period style scroll.

Calligraphy first... I used a metal tipped dip quill pen to do all the work on this scroll.  I used a crow quill tip to clean up some of the lines and improve the sharpness of some of the letters.  Still don't care much for my calligraphy but I guess that's part of the game.  Illumination is by far my favorite aspect.

After calligraphy is completed and cleaned up I started inking in the trim.

I was thinking of using green ink for the vine-work as I have on other scrolls, but opted to keep it more like the illuminated manuscript that inspired this design.


All the inking done.  I actually sketched the illuminated letter on a separate piece of paper and then traced it onto this page.  Tried a few designs so rather than sketching over and over on this page I wanted to finalize the design before transferring it.

I used all gauche paint for this scroll.  Base coat of two distinct shades of green for the trim was applied first.

More details and colors added...

Illuminated letter completed and white work just about done...

Completed scroll.  Well, almost.  Turns out that the scroll assignment was given to me for a woman.  The text I used included three references to "her".  When I witnessed the award in court I then found out that the recipient was a man.  Oops.  Felt like a fool and offered to try and fix the problem.



Here is the stamped and signed scroll after the fixes were applied.  My calligraphy isn't as good as I would like, but it turns out my talents at fixing calligraphy sucks more.  Oops.  The "her" references were updated to "his" but are clearly visible.  Pergamenata is more forgiving that Bristol board, but still doesn't take a second coat of ink all that well.  When I tried to write the fixed letter the ink bled very quickly and looked smudgey. I guess I shouldn't make mistakes in the future.  Ick!