Monday, November 5, 2012

Landsknecht Hosen

Just about done with the hose for the Landsknecht outfit.  There portion of the hose from the ankle up was made from 10 strips of alternating black and green.  Here are the images of the hose before adding feet.  I trimmed the opening and the length of the two to be about the same.  Since I started with scraps from a woman's cotton shirt the ten strips were not all the same size.


To get a proper foot piece I placed a flat square over the top of my foot and tacked it together with the hose.  After assembling the top to the leg I then placed my foot onto another rectangular piece for the bottom.  I simply pinned around the outside of my foot.  Never did end up with a pattern at this point, so I did the same exercise twice.  I made one foot green and one black, just to be a bid odd. :-)

Here is what the foot of the host looked like.  So far so good, turned it inside out again and ran another set of stitches around the edge to help prevent fraying and then on to the black footed other hose.

The finished hose.  I know they garters are wrong.  These are my garters from my other Circa 1200 outfit.  I wanted to wear them around the house for an hour or so to check the fit and comfort.  Worked great.  Next I'll make a set of garters which match the rest of the brightly colored outfit.


Here is the concept sketch which shows the garter I have planned to go with the hose.  At least that's the plan...