Saturday, June 23, 2012

CTC - Quiver mock-up begun

Well, I've been putting this off for a while but the work has finally begun.  I went to a local archery practice and ended up getting bitten by the bug.  I missed shooting and I"m looking forward to practicing more on the stick bow.  I checked out some quivers from some of the folks at the practice.  The quivers ranged from very period looking to very modern looking and I think I may end up with something in the middle.  I know I like the style of the hip quiver where the opening is as the image on the left shows.  Seems like quick drawing from the hip will be easier with a wide opening like that.  I've been toying with some concept sketches of how to make this look period and yet be convertible to a back quiver if I want.  I imagine that there will be days when my hands are full and it might be nice to be able to sling the quiver to the back.  Not sure yet, but still toying with that idea.  I really wanted to mock up the basic shape of the quiver with cardboard so that I could see the balance point and just about how much leather I'll need to buy and tool.  Now that I have a mock-up I'll be able to hit the local Tandy and price this little project out.  Not sure if I will tool the entire thing or just the portion above the horizontal pen line I have sketched on the cardboard.  The arrow in the image is an old aluminum arrow from days long past.  It hasn't been shot in over 20 years.  Measures in at 32 inches and so I thought that it would be a good gauge of the size in the quiver.  I've ordered the makings for a new set of wooden arrows.  They may not arrive for a week or so.  Not sure which will get completed first, the arrows or their home.