Friday, September 23, 2016

Sabbatical coming to an end

Well, it turns out that I have been away for a while.  For those who have read through my posts in the past you know I like to learn new things.  I like to try new projects and I don't often stop trying different approaches.  Previously I had the comments option turned on.  I recieved a few nasty-grams on some of my posts and it turned me sour.  I was simply attempting to share my passion as I learned new things.  If that helps anyone else along their journey that great.  I am now saddened that I let those few trolls taint my experience with blogging.

I have continued to work on a ton of projects and I have taken a lot of photos along the way.  I may not go back and catch up on everything I've done in the last year, but I think I'll try and use this forum again to share that which I am working on.

Comments will remain turned off.  Trolls not welcome here.