Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pole Lathe

Some progress photos of the pole lathe.

I cleaned up the inside joint of the base of the lathe with a chisel.  I also used a micro plane to smooth out the length of the opening.  You can see the cheeks are rounded out slightly.  I planed them a bit and then used a small hand axe to do a rough shaping of the cheeks.



Continuous adjustments to get the cheek to slide freely the length of the opening of the lathe base.


Lathe top progressing and time to move to another portion... the legs!

While looking for some raw materials to use for my shave horse and some other projects I went foraging with my daughter.  We drove around the neighborhood where some tree trimming was in progress.  I found a recently felled maple tree. While there were no large stumps there were various sizes of branches in the piles.  I pulled about a dozen branches out which were mostly straight and ranged from two to inches across.

Here are the four pieces I cut and roughed out on my shave horse to use as legs.  Not pretty, not true and definitely not straight.  I like the rustic look.  These are all cut green maple so I expect some checking as they dry but hopefully not too much so as to damage the legs.