Monday, September 16, 2013

Greenwork Shirt Sleeve 2 Section 1 Completed

Same style work, slow progress being made.
I find this sort of progress tracking rather interesting.  Three full spools and a small amount of a third required to complete one sleeve, two cuffs and one collar.

Since these photos were taken I have fininished the first section of the second sleeve.  The quality of work seems to have improved, although the rate of progress has seemed to slow down a bit.  I was hoping that it would go faster.  Not sure, maybe I was simply having a few off days.


 Front and back closeups


Here are some pictures of the first section front and back.  I think my quality of stitching has improved greatly with the last 100 hours or so of work on the first sections.


Here is the update to date chart of work so far. Still looking like a 350 hour or so project.

Initial frame setup1
Overall design and layout2
Research, drawing & layout planning1.5
Wash and stretch fabric0.42
Cuff 14.17
Cuff 25
Sleeve 1 Section 1 - Flowers/Bees5
Sleeve 1 Section 1 - Vines12.33
Sleeve 1 Section 2 - Flowers/Bees4.28
Sleeve 1 Section 2 - Vines11.25
Sleeve 1 Section 3 - Flowers/Bees3.33
Sleeve 1 Section 3 - Vines9.83
Sleeve 1 Section 4 - Flowers/Bees4
Sleeve 1 Section 4 - Vines11.5
Sleeve 1 Section 5 - Vines2.08
Sleeve 2 Section 1 - Flowers/Bees5.33
Sleeve 2 Section 1 - Vines13.92
Sleeve 2 Section 2 - Flowers/Bees1.25