Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Greenwork Shirt - One Sleeve Done

Well there have been many hours spent thus far and I can now say that I have one collar, two cuffs and one sleeve fully embroidered.  Not much in the way of details to add here.  The process is simply more and more of the same.

Here are the images that I'll be using in various locations on the shirt.


Here is the completed sleeve.  I hand washed the material in cold water and then stretched it out by hand to flatten the design.  Here is a pretty bad picture of it hanging in my bathroom drying.

I have been keeping a rather detailed log of the work I have put in on this project and below you can see that I have over 90 hours in on this project so far.  Based on the previous estimates and the current progress I still anticipate that the blackwork will take over 300 hours and then I'll have to assemble all the parts.  I am still guessing that this will be about a 330-350 hour project.

Hours By Section


Initial frame setup1
Overall design and layout2
Research, drawing & layout planning1.5
Wash and stretch fabric0.42
Cuff 14.17
Cuff 25
Sleeve 1 Section 1 - Flowers/Bees5
Sleeve 1 Section 1 - Vines12.33
Sleeve 1 Section 2 - Flowers/Bees4.28
Sleeve 1 Section 2 - Vines11.25
Sleeve 1 Section 3 - Flowers/Bees3.33
Sleeve 1 Section 3 - Vines9.83
Sleeve 1 Section 4 - Flowers/Bees4
Sleeve 1 Section 4 - Vines11.5
Sleeve 1 Section 5 - Vines2.08
Sleeve 2 Section 1 - Flowers/Bees3.08
Sleeve 2 Section 1 - Vines2.67
Grand Total93.12
3:42pmHL Guillaume del la Sudeterre His real name is Hayward Hall.