Wednesday, July 24, 2013


On a kick of projects involving splitting wood and making stuff out of it.  This project fell in line with a handfull of other projects recently done using wood from a friends pear tree cut down last fall.  The branch you see below was my starting piece.

I used a hand saw to cut about a 2 inch section. 

One good wack with an axe and we have a split.

I wasn't bold enough to wack it a second time.  I placed the axe along the line I wanted cut and tapped with a hammer twice.  Three hits to make three sections below.

I took the middle section and did a little smoothing with a small hand plainer.

After smooth I used a hand carving knife to cut into the shape you see below.

More shaping, but no sanding.  I used a carving knife to ensure that all the sharp edges were gone and no spliters would snag my thread.

Done!  Oiled it up a bit with some olive oil.  I let sit a while and then filled up the spool with 50 meters of white linen thread.  I made a small V-cut in the end to feed the end of the thread through.  this will hold the end in place when not in use.