Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hand Stitched Fur Lined Blue Wool Mittens

While digging around in my basement looking for some wool I came across a bin of scrap material I had kept. I tend to be a bit of a pack rat and so, when I was at a sewing guild and a fellow tailor indicated that they would be throwing away their scrap I quickly accepted the remnant wool. The wool was left over from a cloak she had crafted. There wasn't much, but there was enough to create a nice sized pair of wool mittens. I also collected a contribution of a couple rabbit furs from another member who indicated that she had been storing them for some time with no plans for their use. I decided to make a pair of fur lined wool mittens based on a pattern from the book Medieval Tailors Assistant. Each mitten was made from two pieces of heavy blue wool and completely hand stitched using a combination of stab stitches and back stitching with 100% linen thread. The rabbit fur had to be cut pieced together to make a piece large enough for each mitten. I had to patch 3 pieces of fur together to get a piece large enough for each mitten.