Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ayerton Blue and Green Fashion Show - Wool Belt Pouch Lined with Linen

 Garment to be worn as part of the Stone Dog Baronial Green and Blue Fashion Show.  This is another rather simple item.  After spending about 50 hours making a shirt and pants I wanted to start a slightly smaller project.  This is intended to be an accessory to a fully hand stitched outfit which I hope to wear in the Ayerton Green and Blue fashion show.  I have a friend whom I consider to be an expert in medieval studies.  When going through her and her husband’s garb closet I spotted a very nice looking wool pouch.  She explained the construction and purpose and that alone inspired me to remake my belt pouch.  My persona for this outfit is a craftsman and as such I need no embellishment on the pouch.  The item is simply practical and functional.  It is made from heavy wool lined with linen using a leather thong as a closure. The wool was taken from a Salvation Army woman’s coat. The linen was from scraps left over from a recent shirt/braes created for the same fashion show. The leather thong was reclaimed from a leather shoulder belt attached to a woman’s brief case from Salvation Army.

(( Insert image of item being worn ))