Monday, January 30, 2012

Taught my first class

Well, it is over.  I taught my first class at an event.  I'm really not comfortable speaking in public and find it very difficult to get up an "teach" something.  The class went well enough.  I did a lot of planning and for a first attempt I guess it wasn't bad.  My estimate of required time was way off.  I was hoping to do a 15~20 minute discussion and then do hands on work.  Turned out to be more like a 40 minute discussion and only 20 minutes hands on.  Ended up having 10 people doing the hands on and so I was a little pressured to get it all in.  I think next time I'll really have to limit the hands on work to make sure there is more time to one on one coaching.  I suppose I'll do the class again, some day, but not sure when.

Class Details

SCA Name
Ercc Glaison
Mundane Name
Anthony Satoh
Class Title
Pins and Needles
Class Description
Study and construction of period pins and needles.
Overview of the extant examples and the construction of period pins and needles.  Hands on practice creating a period item.
Class Duration
1 hour
Class Limit
Hands on practice: 6
Observers: No Limit
Class Fee
In lieu of a fee for handouts and materials, the instructor asks only for small token. 
The contributor of the most interesting token will receive a “prize” and the appreciation of the instructor.
Class Special Needs
Not Applicable
Class Age Limit
Over 18 or attendance with supervising adult

I tried something I hadn't seen before and I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  I was dressed as a Friar and as a member of a mendicant order I cannot ask for or receive payment for services or materials.  I asked simply that everyone give a token in trade for the materials and handouts.  That part was really fun.  One person actually cut of a section of his chain which was used to hold his drinking horn.  I considered that the best token and rewarded the individual with a hand made bone needle.  I really like that portion of the interaction during the class.  If I ever teach another class I’ll be sure to do that again.