Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Plaid Wool Mantle (Depth)

As part of a role that I intend to play at an event I will be playing the part of a Monk. I needed to make a wool cassock as part of the costume which I was going to create using a grey wool blanket that I purchased at salvation army. I took another wool blanket I had which was a rather ugly plaid and planned to use it as a pattern mockup. After I finished sewing it I rather liked the way it turned out. My kids love it too. It was constructed using a straight stitch on the sewing machine, but all the seams were folded and hand finished so that there are no machine stiches visable inside or out. While the blanket was ugly the new head piece looks rather nice. It is 100% wool. I matched the plaid stripes in the front and it is now one of my favorite looking pieces.

I think it is much cuter on my little girl.  She loves cuddling in Daddys stuff.