Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Faux Relic - Bones Saint Brigid (Breadth)

Date: 2010-10: A Faux Relic - Bones Saint Brigid (Breadth)
As part of a role that I intend to play at an event I will be playing the part of a Monk. I will be serving as a corrupt member of the clergy. While I travel the lands spreading the word of the one true Church I also sell indulgences and display the bones of my Patron Saint. Saint Brigid the patron Saint of blacksmiths as well as many Celts. I created this relic by taking a portion of a pig leg bone and cutting it down. I boiled it and bleached it. After all the flesh was cleaned from the bone and it was dried I aged it with a stain which I made from boiled black walnuts. The container I keep the relic in is a brass box purchsed from Salvation Army. The box is lined with a Burgundy wool pouch which I hand stiched using remnants from a woman's blazer I purchased from Salvation Army as well.