Friday, April 2, 2010

Ruff - 6 of 14 sections complete

While reading through Janet Arnold’s book I fell upon a small print of a tailor at work. I don’t have the book here, so I apologize for a lack of details. The image portrayed a tailor at work sitting cross legged upon a small stool by the window. Apparently that was the tradition. Tailors were known for sitting cross legged while working. Sitting by the window makes sense as there was better light there. Anyway, I gave it a try last night. Usually I sit on an upright chair. My work is on my lap, the TV remote on one side, a vessel with the day’s beverage of choice on the other. Last night I tried sitting on a small stool on the floor. I placed my work on my knees and stitched that way for a while. Strangely enough I found that I stitched much faster. So much faster that I actually finished TWO sections of the ruff last night. Stitching progress was about double. I believe I have about 27 foot of hemming done thus far. I spent some time cutting out the remaining sections and ironing, but the actual sewing seems to go much faster that way. Fun experiment! It was a little tough on the back, but I believe I’ll give it a go again. Maybe those dudes actually knew what they were doing? Ya think?

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