Thursday, May 30, 2013

Friar Sandals

Nothing spectacular on to show on this post.  I am in need of some basic sandals.  I was recently at an event in my friar persona and received some negative feedback regarding my lack of foot covering.  I need to make some very basic sandals which would seem appropriate for a friar in the event that I find myself in such a situation at any future event.  I plan on making them out of a very stiff heavy 10 ounce (or more) vegetable tanned leather.  I am going to make them like the huaraches  found on the website:

So far, this is as far as I have gotten.  I have traced and cut out the base of the sandals.  I have to make another trip to the leather shop for the leather I will use for the lacing.  I plan on following the instructions that "Barefoot Ted" offers which means there isn't much more to do on these other than to cut the holes where the lacing will go.  I hope to finish this soon so I can start wearing them around town in case I have to make any revisions before the week long camping event.

The following was completed and added about a month after the intial post.  I finished the work at a friends house so only have this one photo of the completed sandal taken on my phone.  I simply used scissors to cut some vegetable tanned leather to make the thongs with and then tied them around.  After wearing for about 2 miles my feet were rather sore and had two open blisters between the toes.  I subsequently took them home and coated them with olive oil three times.  They are much softer now and hopefully will not cause an issue with long time use.