Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Greenwork Shirt Hits the Halfway Point!

With the stitching you see on this page the Greenwork shirt hits the halfway point.  Based on my estimates I believe the shirt will take about 345 hours to complete.  The completion of this section below was done as I hit 178 hours.  I have completed the greenwork on the collar, both cuffs and both sleeves.  This is the beginning of the design on the back of the shirt.  The repeating pattern continued on the sleeves for 28 inches.  The front and back of the shirt only require about 18 inches of stitching.  The remaining portion of the estimated time will be allowed for completion of the edgework and assembly.

Here is the back of the design.  I have to say that my overall quality of work appears to have improved a great deal in the last 175 hours or so.  From the front you cannot really tell, but from the back you can.  I don't really care what the back looks like, but I imagine that some judges will want to look at the inside of the garment anyway.

I have formally announced today that I intend to enter this as one of my 5 entries in the Middle Kingdom Pentathalon A&S competition in 2015.  Now to begin planning on the next 4 entries.

Some close ups of the images on the back of the shirt.  I like to make subtle differances between the bees.  Some have differant eyes and a couple even have a little smirk on their faces.  Mostly I did that for my daughers.  They really got a kick out of the bees.