Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Linen Wash Rag

This is a simple, although required piece to add to my Friar's kit.  I plan on camping for one week in persona.  During that week I hope to use no modern conveniences whatsoever.  We'll see how that goes.  In any event while I'm camping in 90 plus degrees while wearing a wool robe all day every day I imagine that I'll develop quite a funk about me.  I don't plan on using any sort of modern shower, but I do plan on trying to stay as clean as may be.  I needed a simple small wash rag to pack along with some home made soap.  I don't make soap so I bought a few bars from a period vendor.  I took a small portion of scrap linen and simple stitched a quarter inch hem.  Nothing special or fancy.  Simply practical and functional.

Here is a close up of both sides of the edging.

... and the finished wash rag.  A nice way to spend a few hours watching a movie and sewing a scrap piece of linen.