Friday, February 4, 2011

Another shirt completed

Date: 2011-01: Hand Stitched - White Linen Shirt (No Ruffles) (Breadth)

This is another linen shirt which was entirely hand stitched using a handmade brass needle. I've used my brass needles before. In fact I believe I have over 50 hours of hand sewing on one of my needles. This shirt was in fact the first garment that was entirely constructed using my homemade needles. The material is a lightweight white linen constructed with white silk. It was constructed using a similar technique to my redworked shirt, although I used white silk instead of red silk this time. All the seams were button hole stitched and then laced together to provide a nice woven appearance when worn. The material for the shirt is the same weight as the linen I used for a ruff I recently made. This shirt has no ruffles on the collar or cuffs as I intend to wear it with that separate detachable ruff. Rather than putting ties or laces on the cuffs I chose to use an extant shirt as an example. I eased a whole into each side of the cuff and button hole stitched the hole. I chose this option for no other reason than I've never done it before and wanted to see how it looked. I like the appearance better than the typical ties I usually use."

Close up of the neck closure.

Here is a close up of the sleeve when tied shut with the braided cotton string.

Here you can really see the seam.  This is the gusset in the arm.  I placed the shirt on a piece of colored linen to better show the seam.  This is a similar seam to that which was used on my redworked shirt, only all in white. 

Here is a close up of the bottom side of the seam which would be at the waist.

Here is a close up of the grometted hold in the Neck.  The lacing holes were reinforced with a ring made of copper.