Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thread Wrapped Buttons

I planned to make at 50 thread covered buttons. Why? Because this it he A&S50... so I have to make 50 right? As part of the challenge and for personal growth I decided to learn a new skill. I really hate the look of modern buttons on period outfits. In general I don't use buttons. I wanted to make at least 50 buttons, not for any specific garment, but simply to develop the skill to required to make quality buttons for future outfits. I made quite a few buttons before I even started to like what I saw. It took a few attempts before I worked out the system. Once I figured out a process I liked, I started experimenting with different styles and types of wrapping. In general I use hooks and eyes for ALL my clothing, but now that I've worked out a way to make nice looking buttons I may use them more often. I've made 30 off-white buttons. Twenty five of the thirty are passable and may be used. Right now I have no idea what I'll use them for. Once I had 35 of the 50 buttons created I decided what I'd use some buttons for. I modified this project as some day I plan on making a pair of sleeves for a hand stitched doublet I have. I'd like to make the sleeves open with buttons on them. I believe I'll need about 12~13 buttons per sleeve and so I planned on making 26 two-tone blue and white buttons. I also made a couple handfuls of other buttons of varying colors as practice. I have no idea what I will do with those buttons. I'll likely never use them but can't seem to throw away. I'll keep them if for no other reason than to document the learning process.