Monday, January 27, 2014

More of the Same... Penners

I was tasked to make a couple more penners.  One penner would be a gift and the other would be part of a barter arrangement.  These are much like the penner I posted on my blog earlier (See Penner for further details).  Since these were largely constructed the same way I will refrain from the usual rambling and only post the pictures with very little commentary

Start by wrapping a dowel rod with leather and cut to size.


I use painters tape to hold the leather in place while stitching.  The blue tape leave no residue when removed.




Once finished I cut with a razor to separate the would be lid from the body.


I trim the edge, dampen and press the corners smooth.


Finished inside layer ready for the outer casing.

I cut the would be lid from the body and then tape them back together.  Once the outer layer has been attached you will be unable to make this cut.

The assembly of the outer layer is just like the inside layer but instead of the leather being wrapped around a dowel rod, it is wrapping around the inside leather layer.


A leason learned from last time...  This time around to ensure that the slashes made for the hanger are evently aligned I taped the lid on.  I then used another piece of blue tape to be able to mark the slit locations.  Without the tape to aide in the marking my cuts were uneven my first time around.

Lid has been cut free and the hanger slashes have been opened.  I dampened the leather and used a small awl to open the hole up enough to accept the hanger.

These were dyed using the good old vinegaroon I used the last couple times.

The hangers would be made from an old belt.  My daughters out grew their first belt used at their first SCA event so I recycled it.  I simply used a razor to cut it lengthwise into three even laces.

Cut and ready for dye.

Dipped into the jar of vinegaroon the straps now match the rest of the penner.

Two completed penners ready for delivery.

I made my vinegaroon by simply placing a swatch of steel wool into a jar of vinegar.  I have made some from both white vinegar and apple cider vinegar but found no difference in the effect.

I let the steel wool protrude from the jar for about 2 weeks.  You will find that the wool will quickly rust and begin to crumble into the jar.  Once the rusting has begun in earnest I pack the wool into the jar, shake it up and let stand.