Thursday, April 25, 2013

Regional Pentathlon finished!

Well, good or bad, finished or not, well-made or otherwise… the pentathlon is complete.  This past weekend I entered 6 entries into the regional competition and subjected myself to a day of judging.  It was a long hard day.  The day started our poorly when I hit three road detours on the way to the event.  It took me 5 hours to get there instead of the planned 4 hours.  I also failed to account for the difference in time zones which put me another hour behind.  I was in a panic by the time I got to the event.  I was able to get everything in and set up by the beginning of judging with really no time to spare.  My nerves were a little frazzled though.  We had only four hours to complete our face to face judging.  I had to do demonstration for one of my entries and then had to discuss my five other entries.  Due to scheduling issues I had to make the same sort of presentation a couple times for some of the items.  Since two of my entries were considered "skin out" full outfits I was asked to put them on.  So during that mad rush of discussions and documentation review I had to change clothing three times.  Long tiring day.  The whole event is still a bit fresh in my memory and frankly I'm a little disappointed in the results.  It is much too early to decide if I'll enter future A&S fairs.  Subjecting oneself to such rigorous criticisms is very emotionally draining especially when there are literally hundreds of hours put into a project.  All of my entries qualified for Kingdom Pentathlon, which is good news.  I will simply have to let the dust settle before making any decisions on the Kingdom though.

As I said I was in a rush when I set up, but I did try and get a quick picture of all the other entries.  I think there were some other performances and a couple entries that arrived later which I didn't get a photo of.  Poor quality photos, but this is all I have.

Here are my entries.

Here are the other entries.