Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Measuring Stick (Wooden Ell Stick)

As a tailor I use a measuring string which is a simple string at least 1 Ell long.  As a tailor I use the string to take measures from clients and then simply hold the string against this wooden Ell stick with marked measures on it.  The measures are in increments of 15/16th of a modern-day inch which the Ell Stick are broken down into.  The Ell Stick is broken into 48 sections which equate to a total of 45 modern-day inches.  My period measuring string is two Ells long (7 1/2 feet).  The plan for this Ell stick to not only be practical, but also decorative.  I want this stick to perform its function well and look nice.  So far I have carved the notches into the 48 increments for measure.  I plan on embellishing my Ell stick, I just haven't finalized the design yet. 
You can also refer to (Tailors Pattern Book 1589.pdf) Page 8 has great wood block print of tailor with ell stick.

Here are a couple photos of the stick in progress.