Monday, April 26, 2010

Ruff - 14 of 14 parts assembled

Well, after a rather sleepless night, while watching Elizabeth R again, I finished joining all fourteen sections of the ruff. The cartridge pleating will begin this week. I’m glad that the 63 feet of ruff is fully assembled, but now as I look at the details of the stitching I’m not all together pleased with the quality of the butted seems. It appears that it should pass the 3 foot rule without any problems, but upon close inspection I don’t feel that the piece will be A&S competition ready. As it turns out the piece is based on an extant garment which falls outside of the time period anyway. Since A&S judging criteria require the piece to be prior to 1600 this will just end up in my wardrobe and not on the judging table. Maybe I’ll make another ruff of an earlier period some day. I really like the look of this style. Too bad, so sad…