Friday, September 23, 2016

Brass Points (Aiglets)

I had plans on working on late 16th century outfit which would require a lot of lacing.  I had previously considered buying the following types of mass produced aiglets: 

Image result for brass aiglets

Rather than buy them I decided to try my hand at making my own.  This is the type of doublet I was interested in making.  Notice the number of lacing holes along the bottom.  I would need lots and lots of brass aiglets.


I started with a couple different proof of concept attempts.  Once I determined the size I wanted I cut out a bunch of trapezoids from a sheet of brass.


The process I worked out worked very well.  I had a cold chisel which I previously rounded over for making armor.  The smooth rounded edge worked great for setting in the inital curve on the aiglets.  I used the chisel backed on a piece of VERY thick leather.  The leather had just enough give to it to allow the brass to cave in a bit.


Once I set a shallow groove along the length of the aiglet I used a small hammer on my 2 pound anvil to hammer over the edge.  Once there was a small amount of curve set in the hammering served to simply close up the aiglet to a nice even cone.


Once I had made about 5 or 6 I was able to crank them out.  Each one takes about 5 minutes to make and that includes the finishing filing. 


Once done I used a small drill bit to drill holes in the aiglet at the top.  Here you can see the aiglet mounted to one of my silk laces.