Friday, August 30, 2013

Award Scroll - Feast of Saint Ethyl - Award of the Silver Oak

Recipient: Sven Erik Ivarsson
MKA: Tim Hultgren
Order of the Silver Oak
For combining his skills in woodworking with his skills in archery to become an excellent maker of bows. He shares his talents with others by gifting bows and teaching bow making.
Scroll text used:

To all and singular unto whom these presents shall come, know that we, Catarina Queen of the Middle Kingdom and Patroness of the Arts, and Lucien Our King, are mindful of the skills in which Aengus O'Nolan hath displayed in the science of woodworking and bow making, wish to recognize him as a Companion of Our Order of the Silver Oak. We grant unto him all rights and responsibilities attendant upon this rank and the right to bear the without let or hindrance from any person. Given by our hands this 24th day of August, A.S. 48, while sitting on our thrones at this Feast of St. Ethyl in our Shire of Swordcliff.

Sketched with mechanical pencil and inked with metal tipped dip quill pen using India ink.

Close up of Silver Oak.  Never done one of these before and seemed a bit odd drawing this tree.  I'm happy with the result, but still think that it is an odd looking badge.

Recipient has a Viking persona so I chose to do the scroll in Runes.  I wasn't at the presenting so I hope that idea was OK with him.  

Painted the border with gouache paint

Close up of the award badge.