Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Leather Pouches

I had need of some small sacks to carry things.  Nothing special.  Just a button hole stitch over some recycled leather from a Salvation Army coat.  This particular coat has served me well.  I have used it for a handful of projects so far. 

The following to small sacks were for a small bag of coin and a small sewing kit.  The small bag of coin was part of some "Sctick".  I wanted to gift the church some coin for the care an maintenance of one if it's brothers.  I plan on crashing at a friends place for at least one night so I wanted to gift them some money to defray the cost, but wanted to do so in a period looking pouch of coin.

I used a metal awl to punch the holes and then some waxed linen thread to button hole stitch the pouches together. 

Quick work.  Both pouches took about an hour total to make.  Nice little period look though.

Finished pouch filled with about $20 of "silver" coin.

One bag is slightly larger and will be used to hold my sewing kit.  I fits my needle case, pins, spool of thread, scissors and some other small items.

Same idea, differant purpose.  I need to shave my head now and again so I bought this antique straigh razor.  I made a leather pouch to keep the razor in.

Tied up and ready to pack!

Not really a pouch but I was on a kick.  While packing up my sewing kit I didn't like the ide of the scissors poking me while I packed so I mad this little sleeve to cover the sharp end.  Sewing kit done.  Ready to pack!