Sunday, March 18, 2012

Landsknecht Concept Sketches

Even though I am still working on completing my circa 1200 outfit, I started sketching up some ideas for the landsknecht outfit.  I just couldn't help myself.  More than half of the fun is coming up with the design and starting the project.  Once the project is underway, I find the completion of it just tedious.  I guess that is why I am still working on completing one outfit while already designing the next one.

Here are some ideas I've put to paper.

Front of doublet and sleeve.
Style of both sleeves with match, but colors will not.  

Front of pants with requisite cod piece

Back of pants, bare legs
with knee high socks
well slashed at the top.


I see the sleeves, colorful and puffy.  No kidding, right?  Not sure how I will slash the front yet.  I know that I want the pants to be shorts.  I have some wood block prints which show these sort of shorts, so I have no doubt that they are period.  I want the overall silhouette to look big on top and thin on bottom.  When I add an over large platter had covered in peacock feathers, it will add to the top heavy peacock look I am shooting for.  This will likely be a long process, but these are the first steps of the design.  This is the first time I am making my drawing public, before the garment has been constructed.  I usually don't even make them public after the garment has been completed.