The Red and Black Suit

This suit will be my first A&S entry, here forth known as THE SUIT.  I will consist of a collection of individual items which together make up a respectable gentleman’s suit of clothing applicable to the late 16th century.  The Suit will consist of the following:
Doublet  - Slashed red and black leather, backed in wool, lined with linen , trimmed and beaded
Sleeves - Pointed  to the doublet, detachable red and black trimmed and beaded silk
Slops  - Paned and slashed black leather, backed in wool, lined with linen, trimmed and beaded
Canons - TBD (Design pending)
Hose  - Bias cut black linen
Shirt - White scarlet worked  shirt embroidered with red silk.
Hat - TBD (Black cotton velvet)
Leather belt - TBD (Black leather)
Belt pouch - TBD (Black and red leather )

The largest and most obvious original concept in THE SUIT is the twisting theme which is found throughout the garment.  This style of my design may not have been used specifically during the period.  Others who are more well versed in the period may have seen it before, but when I first designed THE SUIT it was unlike anything I had seen before.  I have long been a fan of elegant and high end materials which have a simple nature.  Silk can be divine because of its texture and shimmer not just because of an intricate weave or pattern.  I chose to use a combination of leather and silk seeing as I find it appealing when basic materials are manipulated in a way to make them appear more complex.  I chose not to use commonly used designer fabrics as the complexity in my design was always intended to be in the original style of the construction and not the intricate weave of the materials.

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